Industrial Projects

MTSI’s industrial project experience includes but is not limited to gas turbine generator sets, mobile gensets, mechanical drive systems along with auxiliary equipment and subsystems such as fuel control and conditioning skids, lube oil filtering and storage skids, fire suppression systems, and water wash systems.  We can provide detailed design, controls integration, enclosure and base frame fabrication, subsystem design and assembly as well as technical documentation support to meet the requirements of our customers.  Post-delivery support as well as equipment functionality and verification testing can also be provided.  Our industrial engineering, design and project management experience of over 35 years extends through both commercial and military applications.  Some of our industrial customers include General Electric (GE), Evolution Wells Services, Caribbean Utilities Company, MAN Turbo and Vericor Power Systems.

Please click below to see examples of multiple industrial projects that our highly experienced teams have collaborated on.

Cogeneration & Combined Heat Simple Cycle Power Plants
Offshore Oil & Gas Mobile Generator Sets