Danish Navy

In 1987, MTSI was retained by the General Electric Aircraft Engine’s Marine and Industrial Engine Group to design a marine propulsion module using an LM500 propeller drive train for a fast patrol boat in the Royal Danish Navy Stanflex project. The Flyvefisken (Standard Flex 300) class patrol vessels are 54 meters in length and include a single GE LM500 engine which can power the fast patrol boat up to a speed of 30 knots when paired with the 2 MTU diesel engines (CODAG configuration) mounted on the ship. These small patrol boats can support multiple naval roles and can carry a crew complement of up to 30 people.

MTSI’s engineering scope for this project included the design of the engine forward mount & pedestal bearing housing, engine PTO torque cone and coupling, engine intake air plenum, engine rear mount, exhaust diffuser, exhaust collector elbow, mounting base with shock isolators, engine lube system, fuel control and accessory package installed in the sub-base. A total of 14 Flyvefisken class vessels were built and as of today, 13 of them are still in active service.