MTSI was called upon by Texaco to overcome some maintainability & access problems of an existing gas turbine package. MTSI had to redesign and modularize the gas turbine subsystems for reinstallation in an accessible arrangement while also stripping out any previously installed equipment or piping that would interfere with the redesign. Components were shipped to MTSI for reuse in the redesigned modules wherever appropriate and field measurement data was used to define the dimensional envelope in which all modularized subsystems would fit. During the course of this project, MTSI was also asked to design major modifications to the existing gas turbine generator & heat recovery oil heater exhaust systems which included the design of elbows, expansion joints and a trunnion mount and support rod system to account for thermal expansion & wind loading.

The modular packages that MTSI designed included the following:

  • A fuel gas module containing fuel flow transmitter, fuel filters, shutoff and vent valves, fuel metering valve, water injection system interfaces, gauge panel, electrical components and electrical interface junction box.
  • A water wash/water injection module with turbine type D.I. water injection pump, D.I. water flow transmitter, D.I. water duplex filter, as well as water/detergent wash tanks for unfired motoring wash detergent and online wash fluid with control valves and gauge panel.
  • A gas turbine lube oil and hydraulic starting system module containing lube & hydraulic oil reservoirs with tank heaters, oil coolers, oil temperature control valve, hydraulic motor/pump set, hydraulic pump displacement controls, engine oil sump vent separator, relief valves, pressure switches, filters and electrical interface junction box.

All of the above systems comprise of many solutions to some very serious problems and were constructed to be easily maintained and modular. All equipment was successfully installed and tested offshore by Texaco.