A methanol production facility at Point Lisas, Trinidad was an opportunity for MTSI to demonstrate its versatility and lead design capabilities. MTSI teamed with MAN Turbo USA to design and manufacture a gas turbine generator unit utilizing a 10.7 MW rated THM1304-11engine with 60 HZ power.

This particular genset was built for base load operations and uses methanol as its fuel source. With fuel costs becoming a major issue in today’s economy, this unit provides the option to use an alternative fuel in order to produce electric power instead of using diesel fuel, natural gas or other combustible fuels. This unit was also designed to withstand hurricane force winds. This methanol fueled unit has been successfully installed and is in full operation.

A similar simple cycle gas turbine generator set using the MAN Turbo THM1304-11 engine was designed, manufactured, tested and installed by MTSI on Grand Cayman Island and uses Diesel fuel as a combustible fuel source.