Chevron Gaviota

The Gaviota Marine Oil Terminal in California receives and processes wet crude oil and wet gas from offshore production platforms located in the Santa Barbara Channel off the California coast. Large amounts of process steam are required for these operations.

MTSI assisted a Detroit Diesel Allison distributor in the procuring of the contract which required the design and supply of five Allison 501KB gas fired, water injected generator sets each of which also had a heat recovery boiler. This required a boiler with the reheat duct burner downstream of the first evaporator to raise the gas temperature entering a second evaporator stage in order to gain maximum steam production without excessive gas temperature which would have been needed in a single evaporator boiler.

MTSI performed the detailed design of the gas turbine generator sets, the water injection system, gas turbine unit controls and bus tie panel with station power factor controller. MTSI also manufactured all of the gas turbine generator controls and the bus tie panel. An exhaustive factory emissions test was required for this unit with data being logged over the complete power range, with and without water injection, and while burning natural gas fuel. MTSI’s scope of work included the preparation of factory test plans to meet the requirements of the contract.