Vericor VPS4

The VPS4 package is ISO rated at 3.5MW and includes a Donaldson GDS intake air filter, electro-hydraulic starting system, natural gas fuel system, de-ionized water injection system (wet NOx) and a 13.2KV outdoor air-cooled generator. Cooling airflow is induced by a vane axial extraction air fan. The gas turbine and epicyclic gear are enclosed in a noise attenuating enclosure. An air conditioned control room is mounted on the main bedplate and includes a dedicated Motor Control Center (MCC), excitation and synchronizing panel, CO2 fire sensing & control system, and a PLC control system.

All design/installation drawings and Operation & Maintenance manuals were prepared by MTSI’s engineering staff. Manufacturing, assembly, and testing was completed at MTSI’s manufacturing facilities in Fairfield, Ohio.